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My Work – My Life – Like There Is No Tomorrow

like there is no tomorrow

I get up early in the morning and workout... put my best effort on my muscles... like there is no … [Read more...]

Why Genius People Are Eccentric? Wait! It’s Not Eccentricity


When we think about Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, etc along with their success, … [Read more...]

First Thing To Do In Allergy Attack- How I stopped My Daughter’s Cough


Sadhvi, my 2.11 year old had a cough problem during night. For initial 2 weeks, I and my wife … [Read more...]

I Want To Make 2014 A Proactive Year. Here Are My Plans For That


First up, a big thanks to all of you for helping me to take my blogging career to next level. At the … [Read more...]

Words Of Wisdom About Self Realization

This is a guest contribution. What is important is “who and what are we?” Are we the physical body … [Read more...]

Drinking Water before or After food? A Wrong Habit – Ayurveda Proof

water before or after food

Mr Tarun Asks - Most of the Ayurvedic personnel say different things. Some doctors say that don’t … [Read more...]

A Facebook Move That Gave Lot Of Mental Clarity And Peace

Like us on Facebook

I use facebook in two ways. On my personal account, I do normal activity of liking, posting tour … [Read more...]

Best Medicine For Obesity, Allergy, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc – Wake Up Before 6 am

tridosha in a day

Waking up early has lot of mental benefits. But did you know that it is a remedy for certain … [Read more...]

My Favorite Five Words That Rule My Life. What Is Yours?

favorite words

Our character, belief system and mindset largely depends on the words that we use on daily basis. … [Read more...]

Power Of The Heart Is In Loving Everything Imperfect

Loving the imperfect

Simone Van hove-van der Gaag, a reader of my articles from Netherlands sent a poem card to me, the … [Read more...]