How To Appreciate The Healing Process? A Simple Method

healing process

Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves that we concentrate more on our illness symptoms and we forget … [Read more...]

Ayurvedic Hair Care – Principles, Herbs, Oils And Medicines

Ayurvedic hair care

Ayurvedic hair care concepts cover all the aspects of hair health - growth promotion, natural colour … [Read more...]

Do Not Feel Shy To Use A Walking Stick. My True Story

walking stick

"Actually, I felt for a long time that I’m a healthy young lady in an over-aged body. Accidentally … [Read more...]

16 Lifestyle Changes Required After You Reach 30 (Your younger years are over. Let’s Face it!)

Tridosha - life

I am now 33 and a few health changes are more than evident already. High spicy foods have become … [Read more...]

Have Muscle Pain Or Arthritis? Please Avoid Direct Air From Fan

Fan wind exposure

Vata Dosha has direct connection with air. Air element is a component of Vata Dosha. They both have … [Read more...]

My Work – My Life – Like There Is No Tomorrow

like there is no tomorrow

I get up early in the morning and workout... put my best effort on my muscles... like there is no … [Read more...]

Why Genius People Are Eccentric? Wait! It’s Not Eccentricity


When we think about Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, etc along with their success, … [Read more...]

First Thing To Do In Allergy Attack- How I stopped My Daughter’s Cough


Sadhvi, my 2.11 year old had a cough problem during night. For initial 2 weeks, I and my wife … [Read more...]

I Want To Make 2014 A Proactive Year. Here Are My Plans For That


First up, a big thanks to all of you for helping me to take my blogging career to next level. At the … [Read more...]

Words Of Wisdom About Self Realization

This is a guest contribution. What is important is “who and what are we?” Are we the physical body … [Read more...]