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Home Remedy For Leucorrhea Using Amla Seeds

home remedy for leucorrhea

We all know how beneficial amla fruit. But Amla seed is also very useful both for oral … [Read more...]

Ginger Amla Home Remedy For Asthma And Hiccups – Make It In A Minute

home remedy for asthma

Ginger and amla are powerful herbs with many health benefits, mainly targeting respiratory system … [Read more...]

Amla Home Remedy For Frequent Urination – Prepare It Within A Minute

Health benefits of Amla are innumerable. It is Indian gooseberry, used as the main ingredient of … [Read more...]

Home Remedy For Fever With Pitta Kapha Imbalance Using Kutki

Fever With Pitta Kapha imbalance will have symptoms like heaviness, internal burning sensation, … [Read more...]

Home Remedy For Vomiting And Hiccups Using Katuki

Katuki is a very famous Ayurvedic herb used in treating liver diseases and fever. It is also used to … [Read more...]

Ayurvedic Home Remedy For Heavy Periods Using Saffron

Saffron is called Kumkuma in Sanskrit. It is widely used in many formulations for external … [Read more...]

Ayurvedic Home Remedy To Improve Digestion

As per Ayurveda, indigestion and low digestion strength is the cause for many diseases. Hence, … [Read more...]

Ayurvedic Home Remedy For Sciatica, Rheumatoid Arthritis With Haritaki

Rheumatoid arthritis and sciatica are very painful joint disorders. They both require proper … [Read more...]

Ayurvedic Home Remedy For Cough Due To Pitta Increase

This is a simple and easy to prepare Ayurvedic home remedy for cough due to Pitta imbalance. For … [Read more...]

Ayurvedic Home Remedy For Migraine Using Saffron

Saffron is very widely used in Ayurveda treatment. Here is a simple  and effective Ayurvedic home … [Read more...]