Peppergrass – Todari Uses, Dose, Side Effects, Research

Peppergrass benefits

Todari - Pepper-grass is used in Ayurveda to treat cough, asthma, diabetes, urinary retention etc. … [Read more...]

Hedge Mustard Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects

Hedge mustard flower

Hedge mustard is called as Khubkala in Ayurveda. Its seeds balance Vata Dosha and is useful in fever … [Read more...]

Garden Cress – Lepidium sativum Uses, Side Effects, Research

Garden cress seed benefits

Garden cress - Chandrashura is a very famous Ayurvedic herb.  Its seeds are useful in are used in … [Read more...]

Parpataka – Uses, Research, Side Effects, Medicines


Parpataka is an effective Ayurvedic herb used in fever, high Pitta conditions such as fever, … [Read more...]

Fox nut – Euryale ferox Uses, Dose, Side Effects, Research

Euryale ferox benefits

Fox nut is used as food and also as medicine in Ayurveda and Chinese systems of medicine. It is … [Read more...]

Argemone mexicana Uses, Side Effects, Research

Argemone mexicana uses

Argemone mexicana - a source for bio diesel, is used in Ayurveda to treat non healing wounds, … [Read more...]

Water Lily – Kumuda Benefits, Side Effects, Research

water lily benefits

Different types of water lilies are explained in Ayurveda. Among them, Nymphaea stellata and … [Read more...]

Lotus – Nelumbo nucifera Benefits, Side Effects, Research

Lotus benefits Ayurveda

Lotus is in use since the times of Sushruta. Lotus stalk was used as probe in surgical procedures. … [Read more...]

Patala Garudi – Cocculus hirsutus Uses, Dose, Research


Patala Garudi - Cocculus hirsutus is an Ayurvedic herb used in treating intestinal worm … [Read more...]

Kashtadaru – Polyalthia longifolia Uses, Research, Side effects

Mast tree - uses

Kashta Daru - Polyalthia longifolia is often referred to as False Ashoka, because it is very … [Read more...]