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Eucalyptus oil: Nilgiri Tel Benefits, How To Use, Dose, Side Effects

Eucalyptus oil used in the present ayurvedic pharmaceutic industries for the treatment of nasal … [Read more...]

Dhava: Anogeissus latifolia Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects

Dhava -  Anogeissus latifolia Wall. is an Ayurvedic tree used in the treatment of wounds, localized … [Read more...]

Silhaka- Altingia excelsa: Uses, Research, Side Effects

Silhaka- Altingia excelsa Noronha, is an herb which is used to treat skin diseases, fever, retention … [Read more...]

Parnabeeja Bryophyllum pinnatum Uses, Research, Side Effects

Parnabeeja- Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) Kurz. is a herb used for the treatment of  wounds, ulcers … [Read more...]

Pashanabheda – Bergenia ligulata: Uses, Research, Side Effects

Pashanabheda- Bergenia ligulata (Wall.) Engl. is a small plant used in the treatment of renal … [Read more...]

Padmaka – Prunus cerasoides: Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects

Padmaka- Prunus cerasoides,  is an Ayurvedic herb used for the treatment of skin diseases, … [Read more...]

Almond (Badam) Benefits, Dose, Side Effects – Ayurveda Details

Almond - Badam - known as Vatada in Ayurveda, is mainly for the treatment of nerve disorder, general … [Read more...]

Benefits, Ayurvedic Remedies Of Rose Plant And Essential Oil

Rose - Rosa indica Linn is commonly known as Indian cabbage rose. It is an plant which is abundantly … [Read more...]

Touch Me Not Plant: Uses, Side Effects, Research

Lajjalu-Mimosa pudica Linn. is a small plant which is used mainly in the treatment of  wounds, … [Read more...]

Babool Tree Uses, Dose, Side Effects, Ayurvedic Medicines

Babool tree or Babbula - Acacia nilotica Linn.is an ayurvedic herb used in the treatment of skin … [Read more...]