5 Star Fruit Remedies For Obesity, Tonsillitis, Anosmia

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Star fruit is used as a good source for fiber and Vitamin C. It has b-& a- Carotene, Poly galacturonase and volatile components. 

Copper, pantothenic acid and potassium are also present in significant amount and this makes the fruit unique in the treatment of several Gastro- intestinal disorders.

Ayurveda identifies this as Karmaranga and it is used for he treatment of Vata disorders (neurological diseases), as a digestive tonic and as a stimulant. Sour taste, being a potent Vata balancing taste, helps in neuro-muscular disorders.
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Star fruit possesses Vitamin C in abundance and thus it eases the process of absorption of Iron; It is a good adjuvant in the treatment of anaemia.

The dried star fruits are used as spices too. While cooking meat, this is added as an additional ingredient and this further facilitates easy cooking as well as proper digestion of the meat.

Star fruit remedies:
1. Star Fruit juice with honey in obesity:
5-6 ml of fruit juice is taken and added with a spoon of honey. This is added to a cup of warm water and taken on empty stomach, regularly. This helps to reduce bad cholesterol and body weight.
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2. Fruit pulp with pepper in cold, rhinitis and anosmia (loss of perception of smell) :
Approximately 5 gram of fruit pulp is mixed with 1-2 gram of pepper powder. This is wrapped in a thin cloth and kept over the middle of the scalp. If necessary this is tied properly, left there for 20 – 30 minutes.
1-2 weeks medication relieves the chronic rhinitis and anosmia conditions.

3. Dried star fruit powder with ginger juice for rhinitis and tonsillitis:
Shade dried star fruits are powdered. For 5 grams of this powder, a teaspoon of ginger juice is added and consumed. This relieves sore throat, tonsillitis as well as chronic cough.

4. Leaf powder in Dhobi itch:
Mature leaves are taken and fine powder is made. This is used to dust over the chronic oozing wounds or ulcers; especially over the Dhobis itch (groin area).
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5. Flower chutney in tastelessness and indigestion:
A fist full of fresh flowers are collected and chutney is made (by adding little coconut powder).This relieves anorexia and indigestion conditions.

A fruit can be a vegetable, spice, adjuvant, side dish and even a medicine. Proper knowledge and way of use makes it unique and multipurpose ones.
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