Dill Seed Benefits, How To Use, Side Effects, Ayurveda Details

Dill seed is an ancient Indian spice. Its seeds, seed oil and whole plant is used in Indian culinary. It is mainly used in digestive disorders. It is also called as Indian Dill.

Botanical name: Anethum sowa / Peucedanum graveolens
Family: Umbelliferae
Dill seed
Hindi name: Soyo
English name: Dill, Dil, Dill plant, Indian Dill
Telugu name: Sadapa Vittulu
Tamil name: Satakuppi
Bengali name: Saluka
Marathi name: Shepu
Gujarati name: Suva
Kannada name: Its seeds are called Shataapu and the plant is called Sabbasige soppu
Arabian name: Shibith

Sanskrit synonyms:
Shatahva, Shatapushpa – having numerous flowers
Chatra – inflorescence has umbrella shape

Classical categorization:
Asthapanopaga – herbs that are used in decoction enema therapy
Anuvasananopaga – herbs that are used in oil enema therapy

Dill medicinal qualities:
Rasa (taste) – Katu (pungent), Tikta (bitter)
Guna (qualities) – Laghu (light to digest), Teekshna (piercing, enters deep tissues)
Vipaka (taste conversion after digestion): Katu (pungent)
Veerya (potency): Ushna (hot)
Effect on Tridosha: Balances Vata ad Kapha. It increases Pitta.

Dill health benefits:
Dill - health benefits - Ayurveda

Deepani – improves digestion strength
Useful in
Jvara – fever
Diseases of Kapha and Vata predominance
Vrana – non healing wounds
Shoola – abdominal colic pain
Akshi Roga – eye disorders
Akshivrana – ulcers in the eye
Bastikarma – enema Panchakarma therapy

Dill leaves
Vrushya – natural aphrodisiac
Rudhira Gulmajit – useful in uterine fibroids,
Vataghna – balances Vata
Stanya – acts as galactogogue
Pittakrut – increases Pitta
Ruchidayaka – improves taste of food.

Dill plant recipe is given to lactating mother to improve breast milk secretion.

Shatapushpa in enema therapy:
In almost all the enema therapy (Basti karma), Shatapushpa kalka (paste of Dill seed) is used as a necessary ingredient. It aids in digestion and transferring of phyto-chemicals of the enema into the system of the patient. Enema therapy is usually done to achieve Vata balance and Shatapushpa mitigates Vata.

Ayurvedic medicines with Shatapushpa:
Narayan oil – useful pain relieving massage oil
Gorochanadi GUlika – used in cough, cold, asthma, bronchitis etc.
Maharasnadi kashaya – Useful to relieve inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis etc.
Maha Laxadi oil – useful in sciatica, spondylosis etc.

Dill seed side effects:
Over-dosage may cause Pitta increase, burning sensation, worsening of gastritis.
It is not indicated in conditions with Pitta dominance, like gastritis.
It is best to avoid its use during menstrual periods.

Shatapushpa dose:
Powder – 1 – 3 grams per day
Dill seed oil – 1 – 3 drops
Dill leaves – used as food.

External application:
Paste prepared with dill seeds along with Tagara, licorice, Kushta  and sandalwood and ghee is used to apply externally to relieve headache, shoulder and back pain. Reference: Charaka Samhita Rajayakshma Chikitsa.

Dil oil is used as ingredients in syrups to improve digestion strength, such as Bio-sal Syrup.

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