Patha – Rajapata – Dose, Medicinal qualities, Benefits, Ayurveda Details

Patha is an Ayurvedic herb, used mainly in the treatment of fever. The herbs is in use since the time of Vedas.
Its botanical identity is Cissampelos pariera Linn. It belongs to menispermaceae family. Its used part is root.
Synonyms: Ambashta, Varatikta (bitter in taste), Pracheena, Aviddha karni, Ekasthila, Kuchelika
Classical categorization:
Seers have categorized Patha into following group of herbs.
Charaka –
Sandhaneeya – which has joining nature, useful in wounds and fractures.
Jwarahara – Useful in treatment of fever
Stnayashodhana – Cleansing breast milk
Sushruta –
Mustadi, Aragvadhadi, Pippalyadi. Ambashtadi, Brihatyadi, Patoladi
Vagbhata – Mustadi, Aragvadhadi, Ambashtadi, Patoladi, Vatsakadi.


Patha / Laghupatha – Cissampelos pariera
Laghupatha – Cyclea peltata

Chemical constituents:

Cissampelos pariera – Hayatin, Hayatinin, Menismine, Cissamine, Pareirine, Cycleanine, Bebeerine, quercitol Read more
Cyclea peltata- Perpamine, Cycleamine, Chondocurine, Magnoflorine, etc. Read more

Medicinal properties

Taste: Tikta – Bitter
Qualities: Laghu – light to digest, Teekshna – piercing, enters deep into the tissues.
Vipaka – taste conversion after digestion – Katu (pungent)
Veerya (Potency) – Hot

Patha - Cissampelos parieira :

Vrushya – acts as aphrodisiac.
Vishaghni, Vishahara, – detoxifier
Kushta, Kandunut – relieves skin diseases with itching as symptom.
Chardijit – relieves vomiting
Hrudroga – relieves heart diseases
Jwara – relieves fever
Tridoshashamani – balances Tridosha, especially Vata and Kapha
Atisara – relieves diarrhoea
Shulaghni – relieves abdominal colic pain
Kaphapitta jwara – Relieves fever due to imbalance of Kapha and Pitta. (which involves heaviness and burning sensation symptoms)
Krumi – Relieves intestinal worms
Gulma – relieves abdominal mass / bloating
Gara – relieves chronic toxicity
Vrana – brings about wound healing.

Churna (powder) – 1 – 3 grams per day
Kashaya – Decoction – 15 – 60 ml per day, in divided doses

Important formulations:
Pushyanuga Churna, Shaddharana Tablet

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