Ayurvedic Home Remedy For Gastritis [video]

Ayurveda has explained many home remedies for gastritis. Because gastritis is a recurring complaint, home remedies play a very important role in keeping this condition under check. Here is  a simple and easy to prepare home remedy for gastritis. 

home remedy for gastritis

home remedy for gastritis

Home remedy for gastritis: 

What you need? 
Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) – 10 grams. It is a very famous herb, it is one among the three ingredients of Triphala.  This herb can be purchased from any part of the world here – (ad) –

Pippali – Long pepper – 10 grams – Famous spice, one among three ingredients of Trikatu Churna.

Dry grapes – Widely used in many gastritis remedies. We have already covered in detail about dry grapes benefits.

Sugar candy
Dhanvayasa – This herb is known as Fagonia cretica / Alhagi pseudalhagi. If you can not find the herb, it can be removed from this home remedy.
Honey – Used in gastritis due to its ulcer healing and gastric calming properties.

All the above ingredients are taken in equal quantities and pounded to form a paste. To make it easy, first dry grapes are pounded with sugar candy and then fine power of other ingredients are added, at the end honey is added to form a uniform paste. If needed, a little more honey is fine.

Once prepared, this remedy can be stored for 2 – 3 months in air tight container.

Benefits: Useful to relieve  –

  • Burning sensation in throat (say, after vomiting or after eating chilli)
  • Burning sensation in upper stomach – related to hyperacidity.
  • It is traditionally used as a remedy for gastritis.

Dose: 2 – 3 grams after food with water or honey

Where to get herbs? 

Note: All the ingredients are quite easily available in any Ayurvedic shop in India. These organic herbs can be purchased from any part of the world from USA with these links (ad) –

Disclaimer: This home remedy is meant only for education purpose. Consult your doctor before trying this.

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