Best Obesity Health Tip – Go To Shopping Mall Soon After Food

Have you ever noticed that the aroma inside shopping mall is very different that elsewhere? Have you noticed that that aroma makes you excited, happy and active? It is not by accident. It is planned. [Continue reading]

Tastes – Types, Qualities, Therapeutic Action- Ayurveda Details


Many of the therapeutic actions of Ayurvedic medicines are explained by the taste of the medicine / herb. For example, Guduchi - Indian Tinospora acts as anti-fever herb, because of its bitter taste. So, taste in Ayurveda is not only meant for … [Continue reading]

The Only Thing That Matters Now Is…

Only thing that matters

While I am working, the only thing that matters the most is - If it is morning hours, it is writing articles if it is afternoon hours, it is email replying to patient queries if it is evening hours, social media engagement - arranging facebook, … [Continue reading]

I Have Started To Fall In Love With Physics… Again!


In my childhood, I loved science, I loved physics the most. In my 12th Standard, of all the six subjects, the maximum marks that I scored was in physics (91/100). Okay, I know, it is not a staggering achievement to flaunt around. … [Continue reading]

Get Rid Of Sedentary Lifestyle – Solutions That Actually Work

start exercise

Sleeping for long hours, indulging in chocolates, junk foods, aerated drinks, soda, feeling comfortable in the couch  / working desk all day long, no time for exercise, neglecting constant weight gain, lowering energy levels and mental sharpness.. … [Continue reading]

Stambhana – Blocking Therapy Principle For Leaking Disorders


Stambhana means to stop or to block. Stambhana therapy is adopted in Ayurveda, when there is excess flow, as in case of diarrhoea, heavy periods etc. Astringent tasting herbs are more commonly used for this purpose.  … [Continue reading]

Rookshana Therapy – Drying Principle For Excess Oiliness

rookshana karma

The word Rooksha refers to dryness. Rookshana Karma induces dryness in the body. This is required whenever there is increased oiliness and stickiness in the body.  … [Continue reading]

Brimhana Therapy – Nourishing Ayurvedic Treatment Principle

nutrition rich food

Brimhana therapy is aimed to improve the nutrition level of the body. The word Brimhana is derived from the word Brihat - big. So, this treatment aims to make the body big or to improve nourishment and to improve weight and height. … [Continue reading]

Langhana Therapy – A Unique Ayurvedic Treatment Principle

lighten up your body

Ayurveda explains about six basic principles of Treatment, called as Shat Upakrama. Among them, first one is Langhana therapy. The word Langhana is derived from the word Laghu, which means light (opposite of heavy). The purpose of Langhana treatment … [Continue reading]

For Good Health And A Calm Mind – Control Your Tongue

stop binge eating

We can be healthy, we can be happy only if we can decide what our tongue speaks and what it tastes. Silence is the ‘closed golden treasure’ of every individual. But the ‘eager for recognition’ in the community or group of people and ‘ambition for … [Continue reading]