Jewellery Allergy: Causes, Home Remedy, Ayurveda Treatment

Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD.
In this era of fashion even though the crazy of gold and silver is slightly decreased, significant inclination is found towards artificial ornaments. [Continue reading]

Charaka Trividha kukshiya Vimana: 2nd Chapter: Food Quantity, Ama

The 2nd chapter of Charaka Vimana sthana is called Trividha Kukshiya Vimana. It deals with the determination of specific characteristics of the stomach capacity together with its 3 parts.  … [Continue reading]

Sensitive Skin: Diet Changes, Ayurvedic Remedies, Medicines


Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD. Quite commonly we get the patients who are complaining of one or other simple skin problem repeatedly. They complain of burning, itching, numbness, discoloration, pain, irritation etc. … [Continue reading]

Hospice Philosophy and Palliative Care To The Terminally Ill

old patient

By Ms Usha Shinde. “There is a limit to cure, But there is no limit to care” This is the philosophy of Hospice.  What is a hospice? “A  place where the terminally ill patients are kept for symptom control and pain management.”  … [Continue reading]

Padmaka – Prunus cerasoides: Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects

Wild Himalayan Cherry - Padmaka

Padmaka- Prunus cerasoides,  is an Ayurvedic herb used for the treatment of skin diseases, increasing the complexion and used as uterine tonic. It is also known as Wild Himalayan Cherry.  … [Continue reading]

Charaka Rasa Vimana: 1st Chapter

First Chapter of Charaka Samhitha Vimana Sthana is called Rasa Vimana. It deals with the knowledge of specific attributes of Rasa (taste), diet rules, three things that should not be taken for long periods of time etc.  … [Continue reading]

Almond (Badam) Benefits, Dose, Side Effects – Ayurveda Details


Almond - Badam - known as Vatada in Ayurveda, is mainly for the treatment of nerve disorder, general debility, to improve the memory power and increase the sexual vigor.  … [Continue reading]

Helping hands: Role Of Caretakers In The Healing Process

By: Dr. Shilpa.S.N. BAMS, MD, DNHE In the condition of ill health or any physically or mentally debilitating disease/ disorder, a person becomes dependent on his relatives or close ones to perform his day to day activities. … [Continue reading]

Office Syndrome: Effective Ayurveda Treatment

Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu)., PhD. Among the burning health issues, Office syndrome stands in top position now-a- days. That too among the clients who work in office for more than 8 hours or who spend restless 2-3 hours in a single … [Continue reading]

Nausea: Ayurvedic remedies, treatment, Medicines

Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu)., PhD. Excess salivation followed by tastelessness is termed as Nausea in medical terms. This feature may be found as a symptom in so many disorders. … [Continue reading]