Charaka Chikitsasthana 1.2 Prana Kameeya Rasayana

The second quarter of Charaka Chikitsa Sthana 1st chapter deals with Rasayana – rejuvenation, anti ageing. This sub-chapter is called Prana Kameeya Rasayana Pada.
Prana means life. Kameeya means desirous. So, it deals with 37 Ayurvedic medicines designed to improve life expectancy and quality.  [Continue reading]

Charaka Chikitsasthana 1.1 Abhaya Amalakeeya Rasayana

Rasayana Treatment

We are starting with Chikitsa Sthana section of Charaka Samhita. It has 30 chapters. Chikitsa refers to treatment. Hence, this section deals with the treatment and medicines for diseases.  … [Continue reading]

Ingudi – Balanites aegyptiaca Uses, Research

Balanites aegyptiaca uses

Ingudi - Balanites aegyptiaca is used in treating intestinal worm infections, leucoderma and psychiatric disorders. Its fruit,  Stem bark and Seed oil are used for medicinal purposes.  … [Continue reading]

Aralu – Ailanthus excelsa Uses, Research

Ailanthus excelsa uses

Aralu - Ailanthus excelsa is used for treating Kapha disorders and diarrhea, in Ayurveda. Some recognize this tree as Sona Patha.  … [Continue reading]

Amlavetasa – Garcinia pedunculata Uses, Research

Garcinia pedunculata medicinal uses

Amlavetasa - Garcinia pedunculata is an excellent cardiac stimulant, digestive and laxative.  Used in Ayurved since the time of Charaka, it is also useful in cough, bloating, splenomegaly etc.  … [Continue reading]

Peganum harmala – Syrian Rue Uses, Research

Peganum harmala plant

Peganum harmala is used as an aphrodisiac, antipyretic (in fever) in Ayurveda. Its seeds are used for treating skin cancer, pain, inflammation, bacterial and protozoal infection etc.  … [Continue reading]

Common Rue – Ruta graveolens – Uses, Research

Ruta graveolens uses

Ruta graveolens is commonly known as common rue is widely used in Homeopathic medicine system. It is used for treating eye strain, headache, etc. … [Continue reading]

Citron Fruit: Citrus medica Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects

Citron fruit

Citron fruit looks like a big lemon, with very think skin with very less inner pulp content. Its fruit peel, seed, pulp etc are used in Ayurvedic treatment. It is widely used for treating abdominal colic, digestive disorders, piles etc.  … [Continue reading]

Star Fruit Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects

Averrhoa carambola

Star fruit - Averrhoa carambola is used a good source for fiber, Vitamin C, in Ayurveda to treat IBS, and disorders involving Kapha and Vata dosha such as cough and cold.  … [Continue reading]

Chanchu – Jute: Corchorus fascicularis Uses, Dose, Research

Chanchu - Lonika Uses

Many varieties of Corchorus such as Corchorus fasciularis, C. acutangulus are identified as Chanchu - Jute variety. It is used in treating anemia, improving memory, intelligence, aphrodisiac, laxative etc.  … [Continue reading]