Pippali – Long Pepper Fruit – Uses, Dose, Side Effects

Pippali  – Long Pepper is a very unique spice. It has all qualities of a typical spice like useful in indigestion, asthma, cough etc. but it is also a very good aphrodisiac and anti aging spice.  Consider this – Pleehamaye Pippali – For all spleen related disorders, Pippali – Long pepper fruit is the best.  [Continue reading]

Black Pepper- Piper Nigrum Benefits, Usage Dose Side Effects

Maricha - Black Pepper Benefits

Black pepper has not got its well deserving credit. It certainly is not just another spice. It removes toxins conditions, heals, stimulates organs. It is also used as antidote in insect bites. It is one among the three ingredients of very important … [Continue reading]

Apamarga – Achyranthes aspera – Uses, Dose, Side Effects

Achyranthes aspera

Apamarga - Achyranthes aspera is one of the powerful Ayurvedic herb. It is used to prepare a special medicine called Kshara, used extensively in surgical procedures to treat fistula, and as oral medicine for obesity, tumors etc.  … [Continue reading]

Alcohol Intoxication – Symptoms, Treatment As Per Ayurveda


Ayurveda explains that alcohol possesses all the qualities of poison. So, its excess intake leads to various complications. Meanwhile, it is important to know that Ayurvedic experts have recommended alcohols prepared by herbal sources, in limited … [Continue reading]

Punarnava – Boerhavia diffusa Benefits, Dose, Side Effects

Boerhavia diffusa medicinal uses

Punarnava - Boerhavia diffusa is one of the very important anti inflammatory medicinal herbs. It is well known for its diuretic and swelling reducing activities. … [Continue reading]

Dronapushpi- Leucas cephalotes – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects

Leucas cephalotes - Medicinal Uses

Dronapushpi - Leucas cephalotes is a famous Ayurvedic herb, also used in Hindu religious practices. It is widely used in treating liver disorders, jaundice, asthma, cough cold etc.  … [Continue reading]

Tulsi – Ocimum sanctum – Benefits, Research, Side Effects

Indian basil

Tulsi, Holy Basil - The plant with an auspicious name has medicinal usage extending from reducing ill effects of radiotherapy of cancer to maintaining Brahmacharya - Celibacy.  … [Continue reading]

Gambhari – Gmelina Arborea Uses, Side Effects, Dose

Gmelina arborea uses

Gambhari is one among Dashamoola group of herbs (group of ten roots). Its botanical name is Gmelina arborea. Its fruits bear nourishing qualities, brain tonic while the root is anti inflammatory (reduces pain, swelling, etc). … [Continue reading]

Bharangi- Clerodendrum Serratum- Uses, Side Effects, Dose

Bharangi - Clerodendrum serratum

Bharangi - Clerodendrum serratum is a powerful Ayurvedic herb used in treating allergic rhinitis, asthma, fever and other inflammatory conditions. Botanical Name- Clerodendrum indicum(Linn) Kutz. (C siphonanthus R. Br. Siphonanthus indica Linn.) … [Continue reading]

New Ebook – Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana Made Easy

Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana Ebook

I herewith present to you, the biggest work of my life, my new ebook - Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana Made Easy. Price for next 15 days is - only 100 Indian Rupees or 3 US Dollars. In this ebook, along with 30 chapters of Sutrasthana Section of … [Continue reading]