Before You Present An Expensive Gift To A Child

This is regarding presenting a costly toy to a child who is no your own.
The relationship between children and their parents is very complicated. Parents use many tricks to make the child to¬†toe the line. (and many of them are near-illegal ūüėČ ).¬† [Continue reading]

Tinduka – Uses, Dose, Research

Diospyros tomentosa uses

Tendu - Diospyros tomentosa / peregrina fruit, stem bark, seed and seed oil are used in treating urinary tract disorders, abscess, non healing wounds etc, in Ayurveda.¬† … [Continue reading]

Charaka Prameha Chikitsa – 6th chapter

urinary bladder

6th Chapter of Charaka Samhita Chikitsasthana deals with treatment of Prameha - causes, symptoms, types, treatment and diet for urinary disorders and diabetes. … [Continue reading]

Charaka – Gulma Chikitsa – 5th Chapter

abdominal pain

5th Chapter of Chikitsa Sthana of Charak Samhita deals with Gulma Chikitsa - treatment of different types of abdominal tumor. ¬†This chapter has very useful Ayurvedic medicines like Ksheera shatpal Ghruta, Lashuna ksheerapaka, Shatyadi Churna, … [Continue reading]

Uses of Mango fruit, Bark, Leaves, Seeds. Recipes, Research

Unripe mango

There are very less medicinal trees as versatile as Mango. Unripe, sour, sweet mangoes, mango bark, leaves, root, seed, flower - each of these have different medicinal qualities.¬† … [Continue reading]

6 Rhymes That Should Be Banned (Or Corrected At Least)

"Jack and Jill went up the hill. Jack fell down and Jill came tumbling after?!" ¬†Why not, Jill helped him to get up and they were friends forever? ¬†While dealing with children, we should never miss even a small chance to inject positive thoughts to … [Continue reading]

Prickly Heat – Ayurvedic Treatment, Medicines, Remedies

prickly heat rashes

Prickly heat is common in hot regions and seasons but in a¬†few Pitta dominant people, it is found irrespective of the seasons. In a few others, it happens due to specific foods and beverages.¬† … [Continue reading]

Frozen Shoulder: Ayurveda Treatment, Medicines, Exercises

Frozen shoulder

In a frozen shoulder the shoulder girdle will be stiff because of which free movement of the joint becomes impossible. In medical terms, it is called adhesive capsulitis of shoulder joint.¬†It may happen after an injury or overuse or from a disease … [Continue reading]

Ceylon Oak Kosamra: Schleichera oleosa Uses, Research

Schleichera oleosa (Lour.) Oken Fruit

Ceylon Oak -¬†Schleichera oleosa is called Koshamra in Ayurveda. Its bark is anti oxidant, used in rheumatoid arthritis, headache. Its oil, Kusum oil is used for treating ulcers, intestinal parasites etc.¬† … [Continue reading]

Banana flower Sabji For Pitta Balance, Stomach Pain, Worms [Video]

banana flower

Banana flower is astringent and balances Pitta. One of the best ways to use banana flower is to make a Sabji out of it and use as part of diet.¬† … [Continue reading]