6 Kutaj Home Remedies: Diarrhea, Ulcerative Colitis, Fever

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
Kutaj is known as the best anti diarrhoeal Ayurvedic herb.
Botanical name is Holarrhena antidysnterica and it belongs to Apocyanaceae family.

It is bitter associated astringent in taste and cooling herb, possessing pungent bio transformation(vipaka) effect. It balances Pitta and Kapha Dosha. [Continue reading]

Acacia catechu Home Remedies: Mouth Ulcer, Acne, Wounds

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD Cutch tree is well known as Kattha plant. The reason is kattha is used abundantly in pan shops as an additive of several pan varieties. The age old tree Khadira is identified as Acacia catechu.  … [Continue reading]

Tantrayukti – Niyoga, Vikalpa, Samucchaya, Uhya

By Prof. A. Rangaprasad Bhat Niyogaḥ- Dictum or Aphorism :- Niyoga yukti is the dictum or aphorism directing a principle to be followed as a rule or duty, in an authoritative tone. Example:- The wholesome food (Pathya) alone should be partaken (to … [Continue reading]

Tantrayukti – Vyakhyana, Svasanjna, Nirvachana, Nidarshana

By Prof. A. Rangaprasad Bhat Vyākhyānaṃ – Emphasis :- vyākhyānam is the explaining or emphasizing the details of a given monograph. Example - Purūṣa with twenty five tatvās have been explained in this tantra (Sushruta Samhita). Where as only the … [Continue reading]

Tantrayukti: Vidhana, Anagata Vekshana, Atikrantavekshana, Samshaya

By Prof. A. Rangaprasad Bhat vidhānam - Statement of contents :- Vidhānam is the method of stating the gist of contents (bhihitamiti yathākramamuktam), in the very beginning of the monograph (prakaraṇānupūrvyā) to be established … [Continue reading]

Tantrayukti: Anekanta, Purvapaksha, Nirnaya, Anumata

By Prof. A. Rangaprasad Bhat Anekanta - Variable rules:- Anekāntaḥ (Variable rules) is the term used to denote certainty in some cases and uncertainty in some other cases. Example - many authorities hold that 'Dravya' as the principal factor … [Continue reading]

Tantrayukti – Arthapatti, Prasanga, Viparyaya, Ekanta

By Prof. A. Rangaprasad Bhat Arthapatti - Disjunctive hypothetical syllogism :- An artha or object  though when not directly mentioned, still if it can be presumed or deduced indirectly to beget the knowledge, the process of yukti involved in … [Continue reading]

Tantrayukti: Pradesha, Atidesha, Apavarga, Vakyashesha

By Prof. A. Rangaprasad Bhat pradesha - Pradesa is the determination of a present action from past events. For example—Devadatta's Salya has been extracted by this person, hence Yajnadatta's Salya will also be extracted by … [Continue reading]

Tantrayukti: Hetvartha, Uddesha, Nirdesha, Upadesha, Apadesha

By Prof. A. Rangaprasad Bhat Hetvartha -  Explaining a particular concept with the help of another but different concept in an indirect manner is known as Hetwartha tantra yukti.  … [Continue reading]

Tantrayukti – Adhikarana, Yoga, Padartha

By Prof. A. Rangaprasad Bhat Adhikarana, Yoga and Padartha are the first three Tantrayukti - techniques for easy understanding of ancient Ayurvedic treatises.  … [Continue reading]