Tila Taila Murchana: Special Processing Of Sesame Oil (Murchita Taila)

Sesame oil is the main base oil used in most of Ayurvedic herbal oils. The general method of preparation of Ayurvedic oil is – mixing the sesame oil with herb paste and herb decoction and cooking all of them together to prepare herbal oil.  On some occasions, milk, buttermilk, herbal juice extracts etc are also added to it, while cooking.  [Continue reading]

Ayurvedic Health Benefits Of Modak, Preparation Method

By Prof. Vd Rangaprasad Bhat. Modak is a sweet dish prepared on the eve of Sri Ganesha Festival in India. It is generates Moda - happiness in the mind, so the name Modaka. Sweet dumpling is its English name. … [Continue reading]

Ayurvedic Health Benefits Of Khaja Sweet

By Prof. Vd Rangaprasad Bhat. Khaja is a famous sweet dish made from all purpose flour (Maida). In ancient times it was prepared from wheat / black gram flour, called Phenika. It is an aphrodisiac and is rich in nutrition.  … [Continue reading]

Ayurveda Mahodadhi: Legumes Green Gram, Chickpea, Peas

By Prof. Vd Rangaprasad Bhat. Qualities of green gram, black gram, horse gram, mustard, chickpea etc are explained in Ayurveda Mahodadhi textbook of Sushena, written in 14th century. … [Continue reading]

Ayurveda Mahodadhi Dhanya Varga – Types Of Rice

By Prof. Vd Rangaprasad Bhat. This is the first part of a chapter about grains and varieties of rice as explained in Ayurveda Mahodadhi, written by Sushena in 14th Century.   … [Continue reading]

Health Benefits Of Curd From Different Animals

By Vd. Rangaprasad Bhat. Benefits of curds from different animals and curd recipes with spices areexplained in Ayurveda Mahodhadhi, a text book by Sushena, of 14th century.  … [Continue reading]

Qualities Of Water Stored In Different Vessels

By Prof. Vd Rangaprasad Bhat. The water stored in the  vessels prepared from hema (gold), Trapusha (tin), ghosha paatra (brass), tamra (copper), pittala (brass), loha (iron), madhūdumbara (from wood sap of Ficus religiosa) and mud are mentioned to … [Continue reading]

Shloka (Verses) To Relieve Microbes As Described By Sushruta

By Prof. Vd. Rangaprasad Bhat Sushruta, in the fifth chapter of Sutrasthana explains the procedure to recite mantra to relieve the caused by the existence of microorganism within the body causing infectious and contagious diseases which required to … [Continue reading]

Safed Musli: Asparagus adscendens Uses, Research, Side Effects

Musali- Asparagus adscendens  is a plant mentioned in Ayurveda for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, lack of libido and to improve the body stamina.  … [Continue reading]

Suranjana Colchicum luteum Uses, Research, Remedies

Suranjana Colchicum luteum is an Ayurvedic palnt, used for the treatment of liver and spleen inflammation, skin disorders. Colchicine extracted from this plant is used in modern medicine for the treatment / prevention of gout attacks.  … [Continue reading]