Ashayapakarsha By Vata: Displacement of Pitta, Kapha Dosha

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)
Ashayapakarsha means displacement from original place. In this, the vitiated Vata Dosha displaces normal pitta and or kapha from its place. This displacement of pitta and or kapha from its place causes various disorders due to imbalance of pitta and kapha.  [Continue reading]

Vata Increase Caused Due to Tissue Depletion: Dhatu kshaya

Dhatu Kshaya means depletion of body tissues. Whenever a tissue is depleted, soon there is increase of Vata Dosha in the body. This can be understood as, a place becoming empty, is filled up with Vata Dosha. Air is compared to Vata Dosha.  … [Continue reading]

Avarana Janya Vata Vikara: Vata Disorders Due To Blockage Of Channels

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) The word meaning of Avarana is - blocking or covering. In Ayurveda sense, it means blocking the channel. When any Dosha or Dhatu blocks the channel of other Dosha or Dhatu, it is called Avarana or Avaran. … [Continue reading]

Gata Vata: Vitiated Vata Seated In Tissues, Visceral organs

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) Gata Vata is a pathological condition of Vata wherein the vitiated Vata gets lodged in the tissues and visceral organs, consequently damaging the tissues and organs and giving origin to many diseases.  … [Continue reading]

Sama and Nirama Vata: Association of Ama With Morbid Vata

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) When Vata Dosha is associated with ama it is called Sama Vata. The pathological character and presentation of symptoms vary with those of aggravation of ‘only vayu’ when vayu is associated with ama. This … [Continue reading]

Relieving Negative Feelings With Self Awareness: Atma Vijnana

By Vd.A.Rangaprasad Bhat For the Doshas affecting the body, resulting in a disease, the medicines in the form of combinations of the appropriate herbs will address the issue. But, what might be the remedial measures for the Mano Doshas namely the … [Continue reading]

Improper Use Of Sense Organs: A Neglected Cause For Diseases

By Vd.A.Rangaprasad Bhat One of the big reasons for Tridosha Imbalance, leading to disease is improper use of sense organs. In other words, lack of proper association of sense organs with their objects. This is explained as - Asatmya Indriya Artha … [Continue reading]

Importance Of Soul In Perception Of Knowledge: Atma Jnana

By Vd.A.Rangaprasad Bhat Knowledge of the soul helps in providing relief from somatic and psychosomatic symptoms of chronic diseases, by means of 1. Atma Vivechana - analysis of Gunas of soul of the patient followed by 2. Counselling 3. with … [Continue reading]

Vata Kshaya Lakshana: Symptoms Of Decrease Of Vata Dosha

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, BAMS Vata Kshaya or decrease of Vata is also a type of pathology. This may take on daily basis, which will be considered as minor deflections, which corrects on proper balance of food and lifestyle … [Continue reading]

Ksharasutra Advantages, Standardization, Recent Advances, History

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, BAMS Advantages of Kshara Sutra The procedure is safe, simple and effective para-surgical procedure It doesn’t require hospitalization for more than 3-4 hours, it can be done as an out-patient … [Continue reading]