Tinisha – Ogeinia dalbergioides Uses, Dose, Research

Tinisha – Ougeinia dalbergioides  is an ayurvedic herb used in the treatment of Vitiligo, diabetes, anemia, non healing wounds and ulcers. The wood from this tree was used previously to make the wheels of chariot.  [Continue reading]

Swarasa – Fresh Juice Extracts of Herbs

Swrasa - juice smoothie

The word Swarasa denotes fresh extract of the herb, in liquid form. It can be from any part of the plant like fruit, leaf, flower, roots etc. Acharya Charaka has also said that any juice extracted from part of the plant using any mechanical force is … [Continue reading]

Leprosy Awareness: Early Detection Is Important

Prevention of disability caused by Leprosy. In India every four minutes a new case is diagnosed with leprosy and almost 9 out of every 100 people diagnosed is a child ! India also recorded the highest number of children newly detected with leprosy … [Continue reading]

Bone Mineral Density In Women: Staying Healthy With Strong Bones

Magnesium foods

By Gomathi Reddy.  She was frail, but happy. The last time I saw her, she was smiling with a gentle wispy wave of her hand from behind the window – her last bye to me. A couple of weeks later, I got a call saying that she was in the ICU. I rushed … [Continue reading]

25 Tips To Manage PMS Through Diet And Lifestyle Changes

PMS symptoms

Article by Gomathi Reddy. Oh, those three days of the month! Do you feel edgy, feel like screaming at the mildest irritant, get into panic attacks with the home phone not being picked up? Do you feel like a water-filled … [Continue reading]

Ayurvedic Food Recipe For Kidney, Bladder Cleanse: Ashtaguna Manda

Ashtaguna Manda ingredients

Ashtaguna Manda is a famous Ayurvedic diet recipe used as a home remedy for kidney and bladder cleansing, for anemia, anorexia, fever etc. … [Continue reading]

Anger: Relation With Body Types, Ways To Control Anger


Controlling anger and having a calm mind is the dream of everyone. Anger is actually a normal healthy emotion of human beings. But the place of anger manifestation and quantity need control. … [Continue reading]

Rasa Panchaka – 5 Qualities Of Substance (Dravya)


The word rasa panchaka is include that the five factors of dravya (substance) that is Rasa - taste Guna - qualities Vipaka - taste conversion after digestion Veerya - Potency of the herb (cold or hot) Prabhava - special effect of the herb. … [Continue reading]

Prabhava: Special Effect of Herb

magical ganja

Article by MS Krishnamurthy. Dravya - the matter is the substratum of Guna (qualities) and Karma (action). The Dravya (substance / medicinal herb) contains Rasa - taste Guna - qualities Vipaka - taste conversion during and after digestion … [Continue reading]

Nasya Karma: Procedure, Types, Benefits, Contra Indications

Nasika Kalpana

Nasya (nasya-karma) is a term to be applied generally for medicines administered through the nasal route. It is also known as nāvana and nasyakarma. The formulations used for the purpose of nasyakarma are called nāsika kalpana.  … [Continue reading]